“Quality, Integrity, and Longevity” is statement that Dennis Culligan has emphasized over and over with every member of the Culligan Staff for 41 years.    This same standard is expected from all our sub-contractors and suppliers.



For 41 years Culligan Construction has been listening to our customer’s needs & desires. We pride ourselves in giving our customers exactly what they want. We do this by simply handling the entire process from concept to completion. Over the last couple of decades this process has become increasingly more popular and is commonly known as “Design/Build”. This seamless process takes the burden off the customer, making Culligan Construction the single source of accountability, allowing us to deliver a quality project.


In order to consistently maintain our standard of quality, we must adapt our construction methods and principles to the various values systems of each and every customer. Communication is absolutely vital to ensure our customer’s full 100% satisfaction. That satisfaction is our only priority. We can’t achieve this if our client feels cheated.


Everything we design and build is built to last. This requires the most skilled designers, craftsman and the finest products. Any deviation from this standard would reflect on our quality and integrity. That would be entirely unacceptable which is why we have been around for 41 years. Now that is longevity!

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